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The presidency welcoming words :

Dear visitors,


In 2019, a brand new look for our website !


For more than 15 years now, AMEDIE is proud to represent the students of 5 Master 2 (CJE, CJI, CDF, SID, HTPDH), Master 1 DIE and L3 DAPI within Grenoble Law School and through all our events in Grenoble and elsewhere.


Through our flagship projects, we try every year to offer new and innovative content so as to immerse students and citizens that you are at best in projects that are increasingly transversal and committed to Europe and the world.


This year, our projects take on a new dimension : the AMEDIE annual Theme Week took place from January 29th to 31st. Focusing on the cause of fighting against sexual violences in France and worlwide, it has gathered more than 300 people over 3 days. It's a record ! Based on conferences including a panel of experts, a film debate and a "shocking media" contest, AMEDIE embarked on a campaign against sexual violences, surpassing its legal identity, bringing out a citizen debate.


Also, through a unique partnership with the GEMONU association, we're giving this year the opportunity to 13 of our adherents to play their part in the London International Model United Nations (LIMUN) in late February. This unique experience will be their pride and contributes to the influence of our law school in the world.


Finally, our former students/adherents network is growing up on our brand new LinkedIn page ! Follow us !


While waiting for the 2019 edition of our inimitable GMUN, be sure to find here all the informations, reports, partnerships and events of AMEDIE that may interest you. On behalf of this association and all its team I have the honor to represent, we'll be thrilled to count you among our next members and we expect to see you to all our upcoming events.


In the meantime, long live ambitious international projects !



                           Lucas DOYON

                           President of AMEDIE

In the headlines...

The AMEDIE-T magazine is looking for writers : go to "AMEDIE-T" tab for more informations !

The famous GMUN, 2019 edition : coming soon ! This year's theme will be announced next week. More infos and registration in the "GMUN" tab.
We're waiting for you from February 11th at our stand in galerie des amphis (PMF UGA building) to proceed to the registrations (or click here on "GMUN 2019"). 

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